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If you are submitting your event, please read through these guidelines:

1. Use the online event submission form.

2. Proofread your submission. Event listings that need significant work on grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc will not be considered for publication.

3. Make sure your event is intended for a broad public audience, if not it will not be going in our calendar.

4. Do not submit events that are overtly commercial. If your event is a sales pitch, there’s a very good chance it won’t make it in the calendar. We also do not include online webinars and trainings intended for a targeted professional audience.


5.Events to be listed must consist of more than x 10 participants.

6.Events do not need to be functioned on Earth Chakra sites and ley lines but it is preferred that they are.


7. Events must not be for-profit and cannot be used for generating revenue or funding for an organisation or business, and cannot be sales oriented (bazaars, garage sales, trade shows, etc). Exceptions to this rule are our Affiliated Workshop Partners running sacred site workshops as an independent partner of International Earth Chakra Day.

8. Eligibility for the community calendar is subject to the discretion of Earth Charka Day staff.  If the event does not fit guideline #7, but is determined that it still may be of interest of our followers, an Earth Chakra Day representative may contact the submitter of the event about advertising options.


9. Events that fit the above guidelines will be posted as time allows, usually within 3-4 business days.  In the rare occasion that Earth Chakra Day staff is unable to post events (due to holidays, previous engagements, etc.), it is recommended that events are submitted several weeks before the event takes place to ensure prompt posting of your event.


10. Events must start on Jan 12th. For events spanning multiple days, the event will be displayed only once.  If a single date is not specified by the event submitter and a range of dates is specified instead, the event will be displayed on its last date only.  Once that date has expired, the event will be automatically removed from the calendar.


11.All events must promote our Earth Charka Day by using the official logo , press kits and sharing our content on social media and through your mail lists


© 2019 International Earth Chakra Day 

We work with a small team of volunteers who are dedicated to spreading love and light to the masses via these events. Our galactic mission is to educate, illuminate and activate others.

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